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Support Packages


At Swiftbase, we are very proud of our support systems. We recognise the need to keep our clients happy which is why we go the extra mile with our support packages. The quality of our support has been a key factor to our long-term success and has been of an exceptional standard since 1988.

With our support systems we aim to exceed your expectations with a superior level of pre and post sales technical support. We provide a strong team of qualified Technical Support and Customer Service Advisors to offer advice, assistance and support for any products and solutions purchased from Swiftbase.

We offer two levels of support to best meet our customers' needs, Telephone Support and Extended Support.


Telephone and On-Line Support

At no extra cost, all our customers are entitled to our free Telephone and On-Line Support. Although problems with our products are extremely rare, it is comforting to know that someone is at the other end of the phone or email, ready to assist you with any queries, whether you are having problems installing the equipment or simply want advice on which sensors are best for you.

When you contact us you will be put through to one of our highly experienced technical team who will assist you with any issues you may have no matter how complex.

Telephone and On-Line support is included in the price of our products.


Extended Support

For additional reassurance, our extended support option provides extra peace of mind. Extended support is an inexpensive option that protects you from any eventuality.

Extended support includes Telephone and On-Line Support with these added benefits:
Brand new, replacement hardware on request

If we cannot resolve a problem promptly over the telephone or online, we will despatch a new unit to you on the same day, on a drop and collect basis-at no charge whatsoever- no matter what the reason.


SMS notifications

Receive alert SMS text messages from the Climate if things go awry. This has proven to be a great feature for when those incidents happen out of office hours. This early warning system allows you to act, no matter where you are and could help you prevent a disaster! The SMS alerts are easy to set up and up to 5 mobile numbers can receive them!

Our extended support option is intended to minimise the fuss for our clients and we are constantly striving to make your life easier.

The annual cost for extended support cover is 17% of a product's list price. For example on a Climate Monitor priced at £428, the support price would be £72.76