300.00 CM-2 Refurb
CM-2 Refurb

These version two monitors have been flashed with the latest firmwars, throughly tested and come with a 3 month warrenty. Full annual support contracts are available.

Technical specifications

Mounted on the facia:

  • Temperature Monitor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Airflow Sensor
  • Sound Monitor
  • Light Sensor
  • 3 analogue ports
  • 5 expansion ports (available to 16)


  • Loud buzzer
  • Email Alert
  • SNMP traps (including MIB)
  • Optional SMS (direct/modem/pager)

The solid steel Climate Monitor, from Swiftbase International, is a trusted part of many businesses IT infrastructure. Make it part of yours; buy now online or, for more information, please call us anytime.


This unit has become a standard and is now well known and liked for its balance of expansion with onboard sensors.

Usage overview

Rack Mount unit, typically about a third down in the cab.

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